Hayagreeva Sri Chaturvedi Samshodhana Pratisthanam

Madhwa Shastra Paata

Sri Chaturvedi Vedavyasachar conducts lessons on Madhwa Shastras everday at the Pratisthanam. Sarvamoola, NyayaSudha, Vedas and other scriptures are being taught to students. Sri Achar is extremely dedicated in this endeavour and pursues his passion of delivering the essence of the
ancient scriptures to everyone. Students turn up regularly to quench their thirst for knowledge.

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Listen And Read

In this section, you can listen to the daily lessons and simultaneously read through the source scripture. This, we believe, will aid in a better and more solid learning experience.
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Pravachanas (Discourses)

We have started a new section to host the Pravachanas given by Sri Chaturvedi Vedavyasachar. You can see the entire list by clicking on the link below -

Pravachanas (Discourses)

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