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Sri Chaturvedi Samshodhana Pratisthanam was established in the year 2005 with the vision of upholding the ancient Vedic traditions of India through research of archaic scriptures and publication of books.

The Pratisthanam is dedicated to spread Tatvavaada - the philosophical gems of Sri Madhwacharya, who is one of the greatest philosophers of Hinduism. The Pratisthanam conducts regular lessons to students on the Vedas, Sarvamoola granthas, Upanishads and Puranas. On special occasions, discourses are also held.

Sri Vedavyasachar The Pratisthanam is spearheaded by Dr. Vidwan Sri Chaturvedi Vedavyasachar, an eminent scholar of Madhwa Shastra who has mastered the Vedas and other granthas through intense learning and research.

Sri Vedavyasachar is a disciple of Sri 1008 Vidyamaanya Teertharu of Sri Palimaru Matha and Sri 1008 Visvesha Teertharu of Sri Pejawar Matha, and is committed to meeting the ideas and values set by his gurus.

Sri Vedavyachar has published over 50 books on Madhwa Shastra including the very popular ones - Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam and Sri Hari Vaayu Leela Vistaranam.

Please see the "Books" section for more details on the books published.

This website is an attempt to help reach out the hundreds of students of Sri Vedavyasachar the world over. Our ultimate goal is to enable everyone to have access to the golden words of Sri Madhwacharya. We encourage people to make use of the resources on this webpage and help make our efforts a grand succcess.

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