Hayagreeva Sri Chaturvedi Samshodhana Pratisthanam

About the Pratisthanam

Sri Chaturvedi Samshodhana Pratisthanam was started on the strong conviction of Sri Vedavyasachar to propogate Sri Madhwacharya's philosophy to the masses. The Pratisthanam also has the following philanthropic activities -

  • Translation of ancient scriptures into the local language and publishing books to help people understand the true meaning of the scriptures
  • Research on the scriptures and providing lessons and discourses in audio formats to aid in better learning
  • Organizing many scholars to conduct lessons and discourses regularly
  • Helping poor scholars by providing them with financial support for their livelihood every month
  • Providing medical aid to scholars who are unable to meet the expenses
  • Organizing Upanayana to poor Brahmin children who cannot afford to pay the expenses
Sri Vedavyasachar conducts regular classes on Vedas and different granthas of Tatvavaada at the Pratisthanam. The classes are absolutely free of cost and more people are encouraged to join.

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