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Dashavatara Stuti
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Sri Vadirajaru is one of the stalwart saints of the Madhwa lineage whose name is taken along with the other great saints such as Sri Jayatirtharu,
Sri Vyasarajaru and Sri Raghavendra Swamy. His contribution to the Madhwa heritage in the form of numerous books, poems and songs are immense.
He is hailed for his work 'SriRukminisha Vijaya' as one of the greatest poetic works in the Sanskrit literature surpassing even Kalidasa and Magha.

Dashavatara Stuti is another great composition extoling the greatness of Vishnu depicted in the Lord's ten incarnations (avatars). This entire composition has a very special chandas(meter) called 'Ashwa dhaati' with which it is supposed to be recited. Dashavatara Stuti is recited everyday by traditional Madhwas during the time of Puja.

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